Fuzei: elegance, the design aesthetic offering as a fresh breath of mountain air, remarked upon taste | remarkable, where Man meets Nature
Beauty: notes through the eyes of a Maker, artist, activist for beauty; student.

Where is the beauty in a pruning technique, a maintenance form, a landscape, shapes of trees, forms of plants, sounds of water, garden uses, and where is the beauty in (Japanese) gardens, old or new, and is that beauty universal ?
We see beauty, for a reason.
If for no other reason but that we need to feel, fuzei is that experience…

Japanese Garden Landscape UX: Green

GREEN — NATURES CRADLE: The Value of Neutrality in Japanese Garden Design Landscapes, essentially landscape gardens of the west, focus on a result that stimulates the mind to respond either positively or negatively. The Japanese garden is intended to benefit people by introducing a third neutralizing element to the positive~negative...