Where Art Grows on Trees

clouds in mountains becomes the template for pruning maples
natural phenomena such as clouds, often generate templates for pruning

…in a world where most people whisper to their trees,.. ours whisper back.. 

fuzei + tree


Research + Pruning + Garden experience:
..sustainable solutions for restoring the eloquence of Nature

Pine Shaping Suggestions

designing traditional pine shape, looking from all sides for triangulation

Residential DIY Pruning


Happens Continuously,

~ and if you run into a snag, connect & reachout for a second opinion, we do enable DIY.. or, book a pruning session

Everyone prunes trees.
Pruning, grows a better tree
~ a few Notes:
We enthusiastically support people to enable the DIY effort..
and actively promote the de-stressing, meditative qualities that pruning and pruned trees bring.
Everyone should prune their own trees. At least once…
Pruning is easy, ..Choosing ‘What to prune’ where and when… is not as easy…
developing an overall plan for pruning the pine..
Pruning older established trees, is easier than starting them from the beginning.., but changing direction, is often impossible..
to learn about pruning and phenology, keep an eye on natural signs and phenomena..
..pruning feels good, being holistically beneficial as another aspect of healing and therapy gardens..
… watch and observe Nature, because, “Nature is the Foundation..”

residential Pine design

basic scaffolding of year 3 is in place waiting to fill in and start removal of excess branching..

Way-finding Pine Pruning

.. Yes, we prune residential pine at all ages and for many purposes,

from aesthetic sculpting, through functional to rejuvenation of ancient pine

from natural shapes to finished edges and topiary

~ known as Shin, Gyou, Sou pruning:

Shin is Manmade, high maintenance, and eye-catching

Gyou is the Man : Nature inter-relationship, and medium budget

Sou is Natural pruning, easiest maintenance afterwards.

.. pruning at the starting out phase is pretty much all the same, and different decisions can be made if the needed result is known

Proactive Tree Plans

planning tree design goals
– simplified tree design in stages

from dead dying and messy, ~ to vibrant and alive

… making pruning decisions “worry free; taken care of”,
Proactive Tree Planning, pre-programming the right pruning technique at the right time
for your needs and budget,
..naturally, for resilience, sustainability, & beauty..

Lifestyle : Branding predicts consumer experience & purchasing

tweak your optimal lifestyle...
tweak your optimal lifestyle...

Commercial Buildings,

Condos ~ Tenants:

pruning care and info

~ solutions for tree pruning as an

add-on service solution for building maintenance

attracting new and keeping established tenants:


curb appeal, product relationships,

safety and visibility on walkways,

simple highlighting of locations…

onSite / services // offSite

… to find out how you and your trees can benefit from our expertise, please connect with us,
.. tell us a bit about your project or what you have in mind, and how you would like those goals accomplished…
cascade of Pine branches
We offer the finest researched expertise with unique sustainable solutions that connect people to nature while beautifying trees, homes, and the landscapes between,
and provide full Japanese garden service in Alberta, and across Canada, with the Calgary region as a central base..
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    Pine pruning specialists

    pine pruning solutions, management techniques, education

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    pruning deciduous & fruit trees

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    installing the highest quality dry waterfalls (karetaki) and other primary stoneworks..

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    decks and shou sugi ban

    whether you need a deck or just a finish that preserves wood, the options offered are unlimited and creative

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    Stone art

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    Design Services

    all levels of Japanese garden design, from concepts to functional specifics, master plans of tsubo jar gardens to museums, and Friendship park gardens

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    beauty: maintenance during spring through fall

..making the cut…

EDZARD TEUBERT … Journeyman Landscape Gardener, Arborist, Japanese gardener, bonsai-ist, and all around landscaping & tree – myth to science pruning phenology and design nerd…
SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: …”That’s a lot to take in”
“..Now I see trees as alive, with a history, a past, a present, and a future..”
“wow… you can do that to a tree ?”


PRUNING & SHAPING: … “.. I see you have worked your usual magic..”
“.. I didn’t know that was even in the tree..”
“… now that tree makes me feel like an invited guest.. – it works !”
“oooh,.. now that is relaxing … can you do that to the others ?? “



“you know the best schedule to get results we want…
.. come by anytime for trees or details…”
“.. you reduced the budget.. ? that’s great…”

… to get our experience working for you, email  edzard@fuzei.com